PONTO DE ENCONTRO | Meeting Point, 2017

Ponto de Encontro, 2017. 9 min

Ponto de Encontro foi filmado na Praça Victoria, no centro de Atenas. O local que se tornou um ponto de encontro para os refugiados mostra um homem grego pobre tocando uma música tradicional e seu desempenho está entrelaçado com a declaração de um afegão que descreve, em plena exaustão, como está sua vida após a travessia e o fechamento da fronteira.

Meeting Point, 2017. 9 min

Meeting Point was shot at Victoria Square, central Athens. The Square, historically a busy place, became a meeting point for the refugees. The film shows a poor Greek man performing a traditional song of his culture at the Square. His performance is intertwined with the statement of an Afghan man that describes his life in and out of the refugee camps. His story was told to the artist immediately after the closing of the Macedonian frontiers, forcing many refugees to return to Athens.
Shot in the refugee camps of Kastikas (Ioanninna) and Skaramanga (Atenas), this film portraits the state of lives, suspended in time. Far from urban centers and kept by European Union funds, the refugees are confined in containers or tents, where they can do nothing different then live oppressed by an invisible new horizon. On film, refugees share their dreams and draw maps of the routes they followed towards Greece in search for survival. They narrate their past experience, their desires for the future and the direct audio is intertwined with traditional music from their countries of origin.

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